New Brighton Le Sands Clinic – Now Open

We are are proud to welcome you to our new clinic in Brighton Le Sands.
It is located at 53 General Holmes Drive. See the Map here.

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Meet Prem Singh

By way of introduction we would like to tell you a little about our head podiatrist Mr. Prem Singh.

Mr. Singh graduated from the School of Podiatry at the Institute of Technology in 1989. He commenced practicing podiatry at the Double Bay Foot Clinic with Peter Norton.

In 1992 he opened his own private practice St George Sports Podiatry Clinic to accommodate people with foot deformities, sport and work injuries. In 1997 Mr. Singh opened a custom made footwear manufacturing factory Depth Footwear Pty Ltd to provide orthopedic footwear to correct biomechanical dysfunction of the feet.

Mr. Singh specialises in general and industrial podiatry, sports and work injuries, fabricates custom-made orthotics and currently is the only podiatrist that designs and manufactures custom made orthopedic footwear.

Since he began practicing podiatry in 1990, Mr. Singh has provided consultation to thousands of patients. He has experience in all injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, knee and lower back pain as well as footwear advice and modification of footwear.

Mr. Singh is also qualified in administering acupuncture services to patients who experience pain in the legs and lower back. These techniques allow for an effective and relieving treatment.

Also on staff at Orthotic Podiatry are our secretaries who are qualified in accommodating patients for appointments, the handling of accounts, answering any questions when the podiatrist is busy and most importantly providing their patients with a warm customer service that they deserve.

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