What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are specially shaped insoles which correct abnormalities and irregularities. They position the feet correctly and make standing, walking and running more comfortable and efficient. After an initial examination and consultation the Podiatrist may advise the need for custom orthotics.

What are CAD/CAM Orthotics?

CAD/CAM Orthotics stands for Computer Aided Designed and Computer Aided Manufactured Orthotics. Orthotic Podiatry uses the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies to produce state of the art custom made orthotics.

How the CAD/CAM Process Works

The podiatrist will have the patient stand in the ideal corrected standing position while the advanced digitiser scans the exact contours of the patients feet. The feet are mapped to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The Podiatrist can then use software to add further adjustments to the orthotic to suit the patients particular needs.

The data collected is then processed and the advanced milling machine carves out the customised orthotics. The final rubber orthotic can be incorporated into a variety of shoe-types and styles. If the patient has a favourite pair of footwear, they can bring them along and discuss with the Podiatrist the possibility of accomodating the custom orthotics with their existing footwear.

The final result is cutom-made orthotics for every patient, specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

An example of the benefits of CAD/CAM Orthotics

One common foot problem that can be corrected with Orthotics is Pronation of the foot. Pronation is an excessive inward roll of the foot which if left untreated leads to terrible pain and injuries. This animation shows how orthotics can gradually train the foot back into it’s correct position. Pronation is just one of many foot problems that can be successfully treated with the aid of custom made CAD/CAM Orthotics.